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  1. I am looking for any Thailand based ICO's worth looking at?
  2. Bangkokexpat.com is an online forum created to provide information for tourists and expatriates about Bangkok, Central Thailand and the Eastern Seaboard. There are many websites that provide information about Thailand, but many of them are outdated, rarely updated and loaded with broken links to other tourism and review websites. Our goal is to provide honest reviews of venues that might be of interest to tourists and expatriates residing in Thailand. Our reviews will cover food and dining, accommodations, tours, activities, news and events that are happening in the Kingdom of Thailand. In addition to articles and photo reviews, we are compiling a free business directory to cater to all of our reader's needs. If you are looking to buy or sell anything, then feel free to use our free classifieds section. Bangkokexpat.com would like to be the website that meets the needs of all expats and tourists in Thailand. Our reviews will provide you with written information as well as photos provided in a gallery that accompanies each article. Of course trying to review everything that Thailand has to offer its tourists and long term expats would be an impossible job. We are appealing to our friends and readers to help. If you would like to try your hand as a travel writer or restaurant reviewer, then feel free to submit your stories Our mission is to bring our community honest reviews and up to date information.
  3. Sukhumvit Road is best known as the longest road in Bangkok and the world. You can actually travel all the way from Bangkok to the Cambodian border on Sukhumvit Rd. Sukhumvit Road is also considered to be the best known and affluent area in Bangkok due to the post World War II commerical developments and the new Skytrain, which was built in 1999. The new Skytrain (BTS) serves as the easiest method of transport in Sukhumvit, as it connects to popular tourist areas along the entire length of inner city Sukhumvit. If you prefer other means of transport, you can find buses, taxis, tuk-tuks, and even boats. The Saen Saep Express Boat Service is a great option, but can be rugged, running up and down the Saen Saeb canal. However, it can give you nice break from city bustle and serve as cheap floating entertainment. Many see Sukhumvit as the more contemporary side of the city, with five star restaurants, fancy high-rise apartments, and hotels in Bangkok lining the street. On the other hand, you will also find street carts dotted along the corners and the Khlong Toey 24-hour local market, located in the poorest section of Sukhumvit Road. What’s more, thanks to the great mix of culture found in the this area, you will bump into several ethnic neighborhoods. Between Soi 3 – Soi 5, an Arabic atmosphere can be found, with middle-eastern cafes and waterpipes. You will also stumble upon many tranquil Thai kitchens and authentic Indian curry houses scattered up and down Sukhumvit. If you are more of an active traveler, you can easily spend the day in Bangkok learning and watching the national sport of Muay Thai or Thai Boxing. There are numerous Muay Thai schools throughout Bangkok, like Chacrit Muay Thai School, located at Sukhumvit Soi 22. Or, complete your trip to Bangkok by signing up for Thai cooking class at one of the many cooking schools. You can feel the energy of Sukhumvit rising, as travelers and locals alike set out each day to find the best in Bangkok. Start out shopping on the streets of Sukhumvit, as these roadside stalls offer the same selection of souvenirs, jewelry, knock-offs, and pirated movies as the Patpong Night Market, and for a better price. After you get your fill of shopping for the night, stop at one of the many bars and pubs. Travelers and expats congregate to Soi 11 for its wide selection of bars, restaurants, and live music. If you’d rather get your groove on, experience some of the best nightlife in Bangkok at iconic clubs like Levels and Q Bar, as they regularly host international DJs.